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STIKYFÜT is Emily Detwiler (lead vocals, keys), Phillip Wrenbeck (lead guitar, backup vocals), Jordan Landau (bass guitar, backup vocals) and Josh Stilman (drums). These local Detroit rockers pride themselves on their ability to bring an array of flavors to the table. Combining influences from 70's Psychedelic Rock, Motown, Progressive Metal, Math Rock, and Alternative Grunge. Their eclectic meddling of genres gives the group a unique sound and vibe that cannot be found elsewhere. Each song is different from the last, showcasing insightful lyrics and jamtastic tangents. They classify themselves as Schizo-Rock. Take from this what you may, but "ass kickery is inevitable." (Dwayne Hoover, Revue Magazine).

Since the group's inception in April 2011, the journey began towards recording and performing their newly discovered​ sound; a collaboration of sweet, soulful vocals, blanketing over powerful blues and funk rhythmic arrangements with an attitude for that good old fashioned “rock your face off." On January 21, 2012, they released their debut EP, "Labels Are For Soup Cans," self-funded and promoted. The album sold over 500 physical copies and had over 100 digital downloads spanning three Continents. In August 2012, they embarked on a 40-day Midwest tour spanning 13 states. 

Stikyfüt has established themselves in the major local markets of Michigan including Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Detroit Metro. With release of their new EP "Cairo Delay" on August 24, 2013, they hope to increase their local fan base in Michigan as well as expand to other major cities in the Midwest region and continue to land bigger and better events.